Audiotool is an award winning online sound studio and platform enabling users to create, share and remix tracks.
Lead the UI development and responsible for all HCI relevant aspects of the project. Implementation of a UI framework in AS3 allowing flexible skinning, behavior modification and component creation. is an award winning web-based suite of applications for collaborative and interactive live TV production and broadcasting.
Responsible for rebuilding the client side system architecture. Development of shared common libraries and a GPU and CPU based rendering framework. Introduced workflows for quality driven software development.

Happily fuses a collaborative online event planning platform with the largest network of freelance planners in the US.
Responsible for all online product aspects of the company. Develop the full stack application based on Meteor.

Personal Projects

Lint was created to explore the realm of machine learning in conjunction with gathering and organizing online learning and reading material.

Interaction Branding explores the use of branding in combination with user interfaces and how UI/UX choices can create stronger ties between users and companies. The project compiles processes and paradigms in the software engineering development cycle that increase joy of use while looking into utilizing Interaction Design as a means to increase brand recognition.

WiiFlashServerJ is an open source Java application for Mac OS X built on top of the WiiremoteJ and Bluecove library. It sends and receives data from the Wiimote via WiiremoteJ and connects to As3 clients.

Mandala invites you to spend some time to relax and have fun while drawing simple mandalas.

Sun Moon Clock is a little interactive experiment visualizing the change of sun/moon rise and set times of the course of a year.

I am a software engineer with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Engineering from the University of Konstanz, Germany and 12+ years of software development experience.

I'm experienced in large scale application development using JavaScript, As3, PHP, Java and ObjectiveC. While my main focus is working on the front-end creating high performance and quality driven user experiences, I also have acquired extensive experience creating and maintaining full stack applications involving Node.JS, Meteor, MongoDB.

Let's get in touch

I'm based in Los Angeles and available for freelance work.
Don't hesitate to get in touch if you think we can work on something together.

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