WiiFlash Server for Mac

Open source WiiFlash 0.4 Server for Mac OS X (Java)

WiiFlashServerJ is a Java application built on top of the great WiiremoteJ library by Michael Diamond which also uses the Bluecove library. WiiFlashServerJ sends and receives data from the Wiimote via WiiremoteJ. The data is transformed to a byte array in a way the WiiFlash library can handle it.

In the current version all data from a Wiiremote can be sent (button states, battery level, the acceleration axes, 4 IR points and sizes and data from the Nunchuck extension). Data sent from the Classic Controller extension has not been tested yet and can be considered ‘guessplimented’. Its possible to activate the vibrating and LEDs as well as activate the Mouse mode by WiiFlash now. If an error occurs while connecting the Wiimote is disconnected again.


The software should be considered experimental. There is no guarantee the data sent by WiiFlashServerJ is exactly the same as by the Windows version provided by WiiFlash. WiiFlashServerJ was coded on lazy weekends and without insight into the interna of the official (Windows) version.

WiiFlash Server for Mac supporting your Balance Board

WiiFlashServerJ now supports the Wii Balance Board. Reason for this to take so long was the decision to merge the PC and Mac version into one cross platform application to facilitate future development. But somehow we are all too busy with our day to day jobs in the moment…
Another reason is the different handling of the balance board. The WiiFlash library and PC version handle the balance board as an extension, the underlying library of WiiFlashServerJ (WiiRemoteJ) however handles the balance board as a separate Wii device. This difference means workarounds and the use of hacks. You can consider this version as a intermediate-fun-for-christmas-version with perhaps more or different bugs then previous versions, as a fair part of the code had to be rewritten in the process. My thanks go to Jens Franke and Arthy for feedback and help in testing the basic functionality and behaviour.
hope it works for you too. Please be gentle.

Download the WiiFlashServerJ (Alpha version, 21 Dec. 2008). Merry Christmas!


WiiFlashServerJ (Alpha version, 21 Dec. 2008)
WiiFlashServerJ (Alpha version, 30 Jun. 2008)
WiiFlashServerJ (Alpha version, 24 Apr. 2008)
WiiFlashServerJ (Alpha version, 14 Apr. 2008)


You can find some simple examples making use of the WiiFlash library in combination with e.g. Papervision here.

Known Issues
  • Sometimes Wiiremote is not properly connected and in that case does not send data (properly)
  • Sometimes its not possible to activate the LEDs, or rumble function
  • If Nunchuck extension is plugged in, the IR point size does not change.
  • Point size, battery level and perhaps some other data (extensions?) are sent, but values could differ from what the windows server sends.
  • Battery level is just read once, when connecting or extensions are connected / disconnected. Working on that one…
  • Button states and IR start playing random. In this case you are probably using an older version of the WiiFlash API.
    (Since the first release of WiiFlash 0.4 there have been small, but important changes: In “Wiimote.as” -> “function update” -> pack.position = 36 has been changed to 37 and in WiiSocket.as you will find a “I80″ in the newer version. So make sure you have the newer version of WiiFlash 0.4. or even better WiiFlash 0.4.1)
  • Nunchuck does not send data. This sometimes happens, just restart WiiFlashServerJ
  • Classic Controller has not been tested yet
Used libraries and software