Google Jacquard Jacket

Important: This little demo will only work if you have a Google Jacquard Jacket and you are using the latest version of Chrome with "Experimental Extension APIs" enabled.

The jacket is tied to an app which only allows some basic functionality and sadly there is no public API to make better use of gestures and data sent by the jacket to the app. Interestingly the jacket also transmits the "analog data" when the conductive threads are touched. So if you have one of these fancy jackets, here is a place for you to make some music with it. To get started, make sure that:

  1. - Your Google Jacquard jacket is "on".
  2. - Chrome is up to date.
  3. - Web-bluetooth is enabled: (In chrome://flags enable "Experimental Extension APIs")
  4. - Click the connect button above to pair the jacket, then touch the interactive sleeve.

There are more BLE UUIDs to access the data transmitted by the jacket, but the following UUIDs are a great starting point as they give you accesses to the analog data:
  • UUID Service : d45c2000-4270-a125-a25d-ee458c085001
  • UUID Characteristic : d45c2010-4270-a125-a25d-ee458c085001

Check out the project on Github and this Jacquard Jacket by Google.