WiiFlash interactive Ribbons and some other WiiFlash examples

WiiFlash interactive ribbons

WiiFlash Ribbons uses the mouse, or if connected, the pitch- and roll- data of a Wiimote as input for this little Papervision3D experiment. The source code is based on Ribbons3D by Felix Turner and Line 2.0 by Mark Barcinski.
You can download it here Wiimote Demo Ribbons.zip.

WiiFlash LED, rumble and mouse control
Basic Functions

Wiimote Demo Functions.zip (demonstrating LED, Rumble and mouse control)

WiiFlash dots or blobs or what ever

Wiimote Demo IR.zip (very simple way of using IR blob/dots/point data)

WiiFlash traces

Wiimote Demo IR Traces.zip (using bitmaps, filters and matrix functions to generate a nice effect when handling IR blob/dots/point data)